Pay Monthly Garden Furniture Range

We are constantly trying to grow our range at Pay Monthly Store and we're now pleased to introduce to you our NEW Pay Monthly Garden Furniture Range!

Garden BarWe have over 20 awesome new high quality items from Garden Bars, Sun Loungers, Tables, Chairs and other furniture items, all for sale at below RRP.

Our new deposit structure now means you only need to pay 20% and can finance your purchase for up to 36 months if you want.



How to Improve Credit Rating

One of the best ways to improve your credit rating is to actually get credit and stick to the agreement. This is easier said than done if you already have a poor credit rating. However we at paymonthlystore.com don't carry out a credit check, although we do report to the credit agencies on your payment history. This means if you stick to your pay monthly store credit agreement you'll improve your own credit history making it more likely that you'll be accepted for finance in the future. This is why its really important to stick to your repayment schedule so that we can help you improve your long term credit outlook.

So what if you're struggling with paying back your credit? GET IN TOUCH! Its may sound obvious, but most people just bury there heads. Get in touch asap and most credit providers will work with you to help you repay your finance and this will save your credit rating for when things improve for you.



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